Wedding FAQ’s



HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE? My photography style is a mix between Photojournalism and Fine Art Photography. Photojournalism basically means I use images to tell the story of your wedding day, capturing moments as the day unfolds, not dictating the day. I do, however, sprinkle in a bit of Fine Art Photography for the portrait portions of your day, which is in contrast to Photojournalistic methods. Fine Art Photography refers to images created by the vision of an artist. I use the beauty I find in the surroundings of your wedding to create pieces of art.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR WORKING STYLE? I try to be a wallflower for the duration of your wedding, not wanting to interrupt moments, just capturing them as they naturally unfold. With your permission, I will gently remind you of your timeline if the day’s events tend to run past schedule. I do this to make sure you still have time to capture the images that you indicated important to you. I work well with big groups, and get am able to get portraits done in a timely and organized manner.

WHAT DISTINGUISHES YOUR WORK FROM OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS? Not only clients, but also reputable photographers in the Twin Cities have told me that I see things differently. Composition is what draws a person to a photograph, and that is one of my stronger skills behind the camera. I am able to take an ordinary scene and use strong composition to create beauty in it. I studied for my BA in Fine Arts majoring in Photography. Having studied contemporary and historical photography, this has definitely given me a perspective that many self-taught photographers do not have.


  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Canon 5D
  • 24mm 2.8 Lens
  • 24-70mm 2.8L Lens
  • 35mm 1.4L Lens
  • 50mm 1.2L Lens
  • 100mm 2.8L Lens
  • 200 2.8L Lens
  • Four 580 EX Flashes
  • SB28 Flash Alien Bee Studio Lighting and Light Stands (when needed)
  • Diffusers and Gels
  • Quantum Turbo SC Battery Pack
  • Tons of CF Memory Cards, Many AA and spare camera batteries!

WHAT IS YOUR BACKUP STRATEGY? Keeping your images safe is my number one priority. My main camera copies your images automatically onto two seperate memory cards.  I then download those images to two external hard drives and also store your original CF Cards in a fireproof safe until your images are processed and loaded to your on-line wedding gallery.


DO YOU SHOOT COLOR OR BLACK & WHITE? All of the images are originally taken in color. While most of my work is in color, there are some images that are just begging for black and white, which I will provide you both copies of.

CAN I GIVE YOU A LIST OF SPECIFIC SHOTS? I do keep a checklist with me on your wedding day to make sure all bases are covered, but if there is anything different or unique about your wedding day that you want to make sure I do not miss, I am all ears!

CAN I SEND YOU A PINTEREST BOARD OF SHOTS I WANT? I love pinterest for inspiration but when wanting to recreate an exact photo its important to remember there are so many elements that go into a photo to make it perfect. There is lighting, coloring, the location, time of day, the natural elements (wind, sun flare, fog), the posing, the height of the couple, etc.  My best advice for Pinterest is to use Pinterest early on in your planning process to pin photos that you like. Then, use your board to help determine what style you are drawn to and then make sure that I am the photographer that is consistent with that style. If I am that photographer, I ask that you give me your trust & support to capture your big day.

WHAT INFORMATION DO I NEED TO PROVIDE? I will send you a “Wedding Worksheet” approximately 6 weeks before your wedding day. This covers all the details I need to know to prepare. This includes your wedding day locations, timeline, formal portraits list, wedding details and more. Sometimes I meet with couples a week or two before the wedding to discuss everything, and some couples prefer to stick to just the worksheet. Either way, I will help guide you through the planning of your photography so nothing gets missed!

ARE YOU THE PHOTOGRAPHER WHO WILL SHOOT MY WEDDING? Yes, I am the lead photographer for all weddings booked under De La Vue.

HOW MANY WEDDINGS DO YOU SHOOT EACH YEAR?  I cap the amount of wedding contracts I will accept to 10-15 each wedding season.  I keep it at this number because I have found it strikes a perfect balance of being able to give each of my wedding clients my full attention, and not stretch myself too thin being that I have young children.  I will often second shoot for other photographers as well, because the time commitment does not go beyond the wedding day.  Between my contracted weddings and assisting others, I shoot on average 15-20 weddings each year.

WHAT ARE YOUR BACKUP PLANS FOR FAULTY EQUIPMENT OR FALLING ILL? I always have 3 camera bodies with me on your wedding day. If I were to become ill enough to not be able photograph your wedding, I am part of a network of talented and reputable photographers and would work to help you find a replacement.

DO YOU CHARGE TRAVEL FEES FOR OUT OF TOWN WEDDINGS? Yes, any weddings out side the Twin Cities metro area are subject to travel fees. Travel fees include time, mileage, meals and lodging when necessary. I have an 8am to 10pm rule of thumb when determining if lodging is needed. If I can leave my home by 8am and return by 10pm, lodging is probably not necessary. Any earlier or later than that, driving can be hazardous, so overnight accommodations will need to be made.

ARE YOU PHOTOGRAPHING OTHER EVENTS THE SAME DAY OR WEEKEND AS MINE? I never book any other shoots or events the same day as your wedding, my day is dedicated to you, even if your coverage does not start until afternoon.  As a general guideline, De La Vue trys to book only one wedding per weekend.  There are, however, special circumstances where I will book both a Friday and a Saturday wedding.

HOW WILL YOU BE DRESSED ON MY WEDDING DAY? I always dress professionally for your wedding day.

IS IT OKAY IF OTHER PEOPLE TAKE PHOTOS DURING MY WEDDING? Yes, as long as they are not using flash, and it is not intrusive to the timeliness of your portraits. I do reserve the right to ask any guests to stop or step aside if it becomes obtrusive.

WHAT TIME DO YOU ARRIVE TO THE SITE AND HOW LONG DO YOU SHOOT? I will arrive and depart on the times agreed upon before hand. If your wedding events run longer than expected, I will stay and cover them, but an additional hourly fee will be charged. Extra hours also may be purchased ahead of time a la carte.

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE THE WRITTEN CONTRACT? All contracts are available online on your Client Event Site. You can access this any time, and should you want a physical copy, you may print it straight from there.

HOW LONG UNTIL I RECEIVE MY IMAGES?  You can expect for your wedding gallery to be posted between 5-7 weeks after your wedding.  Your thumbdrive of images will be mailed out shortly there-after.

HOW MUCH OF A DEPOSIT DO YOU REQUIRE AND WHEN IS IT DUE? A non-refundable retainer of $750 (plus tax) is due at the time of your contract signing to hold your wedding date.  I do offer payment plans, however no images will be delivered on until your collection is paid in full.

WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY? The $750 deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your event or change your wedding date. In the case of changing your wedding date, a new deposit is required to hold your new date.