Session Tips




One of the most common questions I receive before a portrait session is “What should I wear?” I have a handful of suggestions for you:

  • Wear bright & bold colors that compliment your features.
  • For families, I suggest coordinating, but NEVER matching.
  • For portrait sessions I always suggest to avoid wearing white or black shirts.
  • Avoid tight or overly busy patterns.
  • Don’t forget the details! Shoes, scarves, necklaces and bracelets…all contribute to a good looking and well put together session.

Still not feeling inspired? Take a moment to look at my What to Wear Category on the Blog!


Number one piece of advice? Relax and have fun! Portrait sessions with De La Vue is meant to really show you how you are. Your love, your interaction and your playfulness. Rachel will assist with positioning you, or guide you for certain expressions…but for the most part, we just capture YOU being YOU!

Doing a family session? Be sure to schedule your session around your child’s nap time! Tired or sick children do not make for happy portraits. While we are at it, this goes for both small and tall people, so try to get in an extra hour of “beauty rest” for yourself!

Children are very responsive to the tone of the photo shoot, especially the mood of their parents. Only positive, upbeat attitudes will draw out great responses. So if your child is not behaving how you prefer, please keep that in mind.

Things to bring? Any products you may want to use to touch up hair and make-up. A couple changes of cloths if you desire a few different looks, water or snacks for yourselves and little ones. If you have children, I would also suggest bringing some of their favorite toys, comfort items or bribe items to help draw out their natural personalities.


It takes time to bring each photograph to its best potential, and I want to make sure every detail is perfect before you see your images! It typically will take 3-6 weeks for a portrait sessions to be completely retouched and ready for your viewing. We can either arrange an Ordering Appointment, for you to come into the studio and look at samples of the products you would like to purchase. Or, if you know exactly what you want, we can do it all on-line. What ever works the best for you!

I always post my latest work on The De La Vue Blog and on my Facebook Fan Page. To see your images posted, become a fan on facebook! This will not only give you access to your posted images, but will also keep you in the loop with the latest shoots, promos and events! Most clients love when De La Vue tags their images on facebook, however if you would prefer not to be posted on the Blog, Facebook, be tagged, or would rather tag yourself only in your favorite images, please let me know BEFORE YOUR SESSION so I can be sensitive to your wishes. De La Vue practices the utmost respect and sensitivity when it comes to posting images. Nothing inappropriate for a public forum would ever be posted. For special circumstances, such as intimate sessions, De La Vue will only post images after a secondary conversation of viewing and consent of the client.