Client Love


LANCE & HAN Engagement Session & Wedding

“There is so much to praise about De La Vue! We were referred by a different photographer because she was busy and it was one of the luckiest things that happened for our wedding. Rachel is a fantastic photographer, me and my husband’s jaw dropped when we saw her photos online. They are definitely magazine quality with crisp and elegant taste. This company’s professionalism is easily matched by their sweetness.

We met up with Rachel for the first time when she shot our engagement photos at Franconia Sculpture Garden. Lance and I were immediately at ease with her company, she is a sweet pea. She is also VERY EFFICIENT. There has to be at least a hundred art pieces but she was able to quickly pick, instruct, and shot. She has a great sense of humor too so it helped us goof in our pictures (we appreciate that she was able to capture our personality). I melted at the results: the colors were vivid, the expressions were perfectly timed, and the variety was exciting.

Forward to wedding day, we were able to meet her husband who was assisting her that day. They are a quirky couple and they made posing for pictures BREEZY with their goofy sense of humor and such a friendly demeanor. Wedding day can be crazy and Rachel was very quick to tailor the schedule around my lateness. She even helped me lace my wedding dress (pretty sure that was not included in the wedding package haha). Poor thing was yanked left to right by families for photos but she was graciouslyaccommodating. I did not spend a lot of time on decorating and detailing my wedding but somehow Rachel reflected a lot of characters in my venue in the photos.

Our wedding photos? HOLY COW AMAZING. You will look like a star, I promise. Pictures are forever so I think it’s worth the investment to show off the best side of you. Rachel has the talent and the unquestionable eye for creativity to capture you and your wedding in jaw dropping photos.”


“Rachel and Rob did a fantastic job capturing the special moments of our day. We couldn’t have asked for better. Rachel is beyond talented and she showcased that in every picture taken!”

JOE & JENNA Wedding

“My husband and I had Rachel and Rob photograph our wedding this past October and I must say that I could not be happier to have involved them in the day! They were both such a joy to work with and were so accommodating and flexible with all of the chaos throughout the day. They are wonderful people who are not only talented but also just awesome people. They are incredibly kind and very personable. And of the few photos I have seen so far, I have already fallen in love with their work! We will definitely continue using De La Vue Photography.”

STEPHAN & LAUREN Engagement Session & Wedding

“I hired De la Vue based upon a recommendation from a family member. As an out of state bride, I was really nervous about finding a photographer. From the very first interaction that I had with Rachel, I knew that she was going to do an absolutely wonderful job and that I had nothing to worry about. Rachel and I had a couple of lengthy phone conversations where we discussed what I wanted and the vision for me wedding. I met Rachel and her husband, Rob, (her second shooter/assistant) in real life, for the first time a couple of days before the wedding. In addition to hiring Rachel for our wedding, we also hired her to do an engagement shoot. My husband and I wanted to do something a little quirky and we wanted to have the shoot at the State Fair. Rachel was more than happy to accommodate. But, as the date got closer, we realized that the weather wasn’t going to cooperate with us. So, we changed the venue to The Conservatory at Como Park. This really worked out for the best. Our photos are stunning! Words can not describe how truly beautiful our photos are! Rachel and Rob knew that we still wanted that quirky flare to our photos so after we finished at The Conservatory, they suggested a second shooting location. It was so very nice of them to spend more than our allotted time with us to make sure that we had everything that we wanted. We really got the best of both worlds from this photo shoot. We also had such a fun time with Rachel and Rob that day! Rachel and Rob are warm, friendly, down to Earth, and talented! You can’t ask for anything more. We really felt like we were hanging out with friends. After the photo shoot at The Conservatory, we were really excited for them to shoot our wedding just a couple of days later.
At our wedding, Rachel and Rob pulled out all the stops. I had some really demanding things that I wanted photographs of – like night photos near a bonfire and night photos under twinkle lights. Rachel made sure that I got photos of absolutely everything that I wanted on my wedding day. And…to make us feel even extra special, Rachel and Rob brought us a super amazing gift basket, framed photo of us from The Conservatory photo shoot, and the DVD with our photos from The Conservatory photo shoot. It made us feel so very special! Again, we really felt like Rachel and Rob weren’t just our photographers but our friends.
We just got our photos from the wedd
ing – it only took them about a month – YAY! I can’t even explain how happy I am with them! They are seriously the best photos that I have ever seen! I couldn’t be happier with the way that everything turned out! Even though we live all the way in California, we will be using De la Vue, again, in the future! If you want amazing photos and a great experience, hire De la Vue!”

 JOSH & CAITLIN Engagement Session & Wedding

“My husband and I had De La Vue Photography photograph our engagement pictures and our wedding and we cannot say enough positive things about our experience! De la Vue provides professional photography and a memorable experience along the way! The owner was very quick to respond and made our photographing experience comfortable and fun! We don’t usually do very well having our pictures taken but our experience with De La Vue photography wasn’t uncomfortable at all. They made us feel comfortable and were very easy to work with! Our pictures turned out beautiful and they made sure to photograph anything that we requested and displayed great talent by photographing pictures that mirrored our relationship as a couple!!! Our pictures showed amazing talent, great attention to detail, and captured everything perfectly!!! We give De La Vue an A ++++!!!”

JASON & KAREN Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding

“AMAZING PHOTOS! That is what everyone will say when they see your photos. I feel that the photos I received are priceless. Rachel captured so much of the detail and action that I missed that day. No need for a videographer. De La Vue was great to work with and Rachel is truly an artist. I was able to see all my wedding photos within 2 weeks! All my other friends who got married before me are still waiting. It was so great to have photos to share when I returned from my honeymoon. I will recommend them to everyone I know!”

ANDREW & ADELE Wedding Photography

“Rachel was fantastic from the lead up to our wedding, right through until wrapping it all up and posting our pictures for us. She has a wonderful eye for images- take a look at some of her work, she has a great range outside of wedding photography too which I think is important. We had so much fun working with her, she made it a breeze and we were ahead of schedule with all the pictures we requested which blew me away because she was so great at capturing what she needed and moving on without wasting time. We were really pleased with our pictures and she really managed to capture the magic of our fairy tale day. I would definitely use her services again and recommend her company to any bride. Its a little expensive but let me say the phrase is true “you get what you pay for”. And I have seen some disappointed brides who went the budget route and ended up with terrible pictures. Your photos are the one thing you DON’T want to be cheap on because thats all you will have after its all said and done!”

MICHAEL & EVE Engagement Session & Wedding

“Rachel is amazing. Selecting a photographer requires a lot of trust because you want to know that the images of that day reflect not only the events of the wedding, but the personality of you as a couple. From the moment we first met and shared our vision to the day we received our photo album, we knew we had put our trust in the right person. She was so professional, encouraging and creative from beginning to end. She will really listen to what you want and make it even better than you imagined. She did our engagement photos as well as our wedding and she gave us images that we consider priceless. You really will not need a videographer because the way she captures the emotions and details of the day tells the story beautifully.”

SETH & ASHLEY North Park Calendar Shoot, Engagement Session & Wedding

“Ashley had been familiar with Rachel from a previous photo shoot, which was non engagement/wedding related, and was very pleased with her work. Our engagement session was so much fun and the photos went beyond meeting our expectations. The photo quality and the creative images that were captured were professionalism at its best. De La Vue worked with us before, after and during each of our sessions, making sure that all of our needs were met, not letting anything go unfinished or unsatisfied. The photos from our wedding day really captured everything the day represented. We often found ourselves asking “when did they take that photo, we didn’t even know they were there?” That is one thing we believe sets De La Vue apart from other photographers. Her creativity in capturing meaningful photos is second to none. That vision is truly a gift. The communication was also top notch, and we were never left wondering. I find myself continuously stopping into her website to check out her newest blogs and photo shoots, each time thinking how fortunate we were to have worked with such a great photographer. We have, and will continue to recommend De La Vue to anyone in need of a photographer for any of life’s moments that need to be remembered. Thanks you for all of your hard work and dedication to your clients!”

AARON & JILL Engagement Session, Wedding & Continued Portraits

“When prioritizing the list of important things for our wedding, the photographer came first. We heard about De La Vue from a friend and fell in love with her pictures. I immediately scheduled a time to meet with Rachel and brought along my matron of honor to the first meeting. After 5 minutes, I knew she was the best choice. She was accommodating and helped customize a package to best fit our needs and budget. Our next step was our engagement session, which we couldn’t wait for! The final images exceeded our expectations. They are amazing! We felt totally comfortable with Rachel during our e-session. The best part of booking with De La Vue photography is knowing we don’t have to worry at all about capturing our big day. It’s a priceless investment and we can’t wait for our wedding day!”

CHANA WOODS Fall Mini Sessions

” I don’t even know where to begin. I love them so much I can’t even say. They are EXACTLY what I was looking for when I was searching and searching for a photographer I felt had the “style” I wanted to capture our family. I’m so grateful and feel so blessed to have met you! I hope you know what a gift you have. Your talent is remarkable and I just know you are going to have a lasting career in this business. I think the fact that you offer mini-sessions is so GREAT too because kids change so much and sometimes famillies just want a few snap shots through the year (or once a year) to remember each special milestone. I hope you hang onto the fact that what you create for people is amazing. You are the gate keeper to their memories, and it’s a holy job in my opinion. Anyway, thank you. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with your work. You’ve found another lasting client here. And the best part is I made a new friend!!”

ERIC & TARA Engagement Session & Wedding

“We are so happy with the images Rachel captured in our engagement session and wedding day! Our sessions with Rachel were very comfortable and relaxed. She is very knowledgeable, professional and best of all – easy to work with! Rachel offers a wide variety within her packages at affordable prices and she helped us pick which one would work best for us. We are so thankful and fortunate that she was our photographer and I would highly recommend her!!”

SHANE & LESA Wedding & Continued Portraits

“Rachel really rolled with me on this day. I had no really plan other than to marry the man I love and the rest was just details. She made sure to get pictures that she knew I would ultimately love having. She takes the time to listen to what is important to her brides and to make sure she captures those moments and also suggests ones you may not have considered.”

PETER & KELLY Engagement Session, Wedding & Day-After Session

“We had a wonderful experience working with Rachel for our wedding. We would highly recommend De La Vue and her artistic shots to anyone who is seeking professional photography. When we were looking for a photographer, we kept running into a sea of cliché wedding shots. Yes, we wanted our wedding day captured beautifully, but we also wanted someone who was willing to take a few risks to capture images, which are artistically unique. De La Vue definitely met our desires. We especially love art and her photographs make you feel as if you are part of a piece of artwork. Rachel was a pleasure to work with between her professionalism and her patient demeanor. So many of her images were surprising to see, as we didn’t even notice that she captured that moment. Some of our favorite photographs were seeing our guests’ candid reactions throughout our wedding day, which of course can be difficult during the blur of your own wedding. Speaking of guests, their reactions to viewing our wedding photos online, was typically the awe in the artistic nature of the photos saying that’s what you get when you pay more for them. Most were surprised how comparable the prices were to the average wedding photographer, but the resulting images were beyond comparison. Overall, we absolutely had a ball at our wedding and De La Vue captured the moments perfectly.”

MATT & KATE Wedding Photography

“Rachel, I honestly don’t know how to thank you for the work that you and your assistant put into our wedding photos. They are phenomenal! As Matt and I were looking through the photos, we looked at each other and said ‘Man, we did have a fun wedding!’  You captured so many things that we would have never seen (i.e.  kids dancing, a father dancing with his little girl, people at the reception, the photos from out at the docks!, etc.). I could go on and on, we are so incredibly thankful that you were able to share your talents with us!  I even had a mother of a friend of mine say that the pictures you took were some of the most artistic she has ever seen and she works with photographers on a regular basis! We also wanted to say thank you for your shooting style and personality during the wedding.  I feel kind of weird saying this, but during the ceremony and at the reception, we barely noticed either of you and it was perfect.  Matt and my bridesmaids have dubbed you as ‘ninjas’ because you took so many great photos and we were seriously able to just enjoy ourselves, our guests and the day itself without worrying about our photos or photographers.  You two were great and I am highly recommending you to everyone I know who needs a photographer for whatever reason! Thanks again for everything!”

JAMES & JAMIE Engagement Session & Wedding

“Rachel, Thank you SO SO much for spending our wedding day with us. The pictures are GORGEOUS! We are so excited to have them. James and I sat together last night and looked through about 400 of them.  We still have the last half to go but we have LOVED every single one of them so far. You are such a talented photographer.  Thank you for all the tips for downloading, ordering and allowing us to have rights to the photos. Once we have some uploaded on Facebook, we will mention De La Vue all over the place! So much praise will be had! I can’t wait to schedule a photo session with you once James and I start building our family!!!! Baby photo session!!!”

TOM & TANYA Wedding Photography

“Rachel, Words cannot express how absolutely in love we are with our photos! You did such an amazing job and we are just so thankful that you could capture our big day for us!  We just got them in the mail today and have been blissfully looking through them all the last few hours! The booklet that you included in our package is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to carry it around at all times to show everyone!! 😉 You are truly wonderful & we could not be more happy with our photos! Thank you so much, we are so grateful!! :)”