Baby Girls Room Design Plan

Many don’t know that I moonlight doing DIY house projects.  In a former life I worked as a Lead Merchandiser for HOM Furniture.  In a nutshell I was responsible for space planning and decorating their Crystal and Roseville showrooms.  While never going to school for design, this is something I have always been super passionate about, and have hoped to re-explore my career in the future.  In the mean time, I just have fun planning my own homes and helping an occasional friend.

Unfortunately, my vision doesn’t ever necessarily match my budget, or lack-there-of, so I have also become a HUGE craigslister and goodwill frequenter.  I find no greater pride than being able to completely transform a room for pennies.  In the last year, I have transforms my boys bedroom, my dining room and my formal living room for probably a grand total of $400 out of pocket.  All with some savvy selling and re-buying on Craigslist.

I will share those rooms in the future (as being savvy also takes time, and waiting to find the right deal at the right price).

In the mean time, I wanted to share my design plan for Baby Girls room that I finished this weekend.  This one, I actually decided to spend some money on…because lets face it….I am very pregnant, and re-staining, re-upholstering and painting furniture is not on my list of things-I-feel-like-doing.

With this room I wanted to be an eclectic girly room with a small nod to nature.  No “themes” for this girl!  I started out with two lamp shadesb a butterfly chandelier and a gifted blue glider rocker, and built the room from there!  Tones of Baby Blue, Spearmint, Blush Pink and Gold – I love how the plan is coming together and am so excited to begin to get everything in and execute!  I will be doing the word art myself, but have found inspiration pictures, colors and sayings for my mock up.  Obviously, things always change in the design process (for example – I am undecided on the paint color – If I want to stay with the pink, or do more of a spearmint or blue??)…so we will see what comes – pictures of the final room to come!

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