About Rachel & Rob


“We’re like peas and carrots”


I (Rachel) have always been the creative type.  Inspired by color and texture, I started my career as an interior decorator. When my first child was born, I picked up a camera and to my surprise and delight, the aesthetics I loved seemed compounded & clarified through the lens!  In hindsight, it makes total sense.  My father a photographer, pianist and painter, my mother singing and rearranging the living room and my sister also professional photographer; I definately come from a family of creatives.

Back to school it was. I studied photography for a year with San Francisco’s Academy of Art University, took second shooter jobs with professional photographers, and fervently pursued local artist networks. Through all of this I truly found my voice as an artist, and De La Vue was born. I’ve been in business since 2008, and as I continue to learn and grow, my efforts are focused: find the extraordinary in the ordinary, capturing the very best in space and subject.

Wedding photography is a particular joy for me. Artistically documenting such a sacred and happy day is a challenge to which I am heartily committed. What a privilege! The record must be timeless yet on-trend, and each of my images reflects this purpose. In 2013,  I brought my husband Rob along as an assistant to one of my weddings, and something magical happened.  I found myself shooting with more confidence and creativity than ever before.

Having my number one person in the world with me sparked something, and we knew from that moment that weddings, was soon to become a labor of love we embarck on together.  After assisting for a bit, when I put Rob to the challenge of taking images, I was absolutely blown away by the natural skill he had.  Through practice and training, he has become the left hand to my right, and a truly skilled photographer. Something about being a husband and wife team makes it feel extra special for us.  While we are there to capture the very best of your wedding day, we also are there to be your friends.  In fact, that is what we have found it feels like, hanging out with our friends, making beautiful images and being present for the beginning of your lives together.

Camera aside, we are the lucky parents of three amazing kids.  Two awesome, energetic little boys and a beautiful baby girl, all of whom take our breath away and give our lives its true purpose. As a couple also love to cook together, home DIY projects, binge watch Netflix, are huge movie buffs, sing in the car and kitchen together,  and play card games with nearly every meal.  We feel so blessed in life, and are so grateful to do what what we love, together! I welcome the opportunity to bring De La Vue’s artistic vision to your wedding or milestone.

Yours, Rachel & Rob Nadeau